• So Fab Kim

Dear Kanye...Stop it...

In case you missed it. This happened....again...

Yup. Kanye West jigged his monkey ass right up to the big house in a quest to further disappoint and anger the black community. I, however, have already given up on Mr. West. So, I no longer have any fucks to give.

But what I am tired of is the excuse of "well, you know he lost his mother." It's getting old and it no longer applies. Kanye isn't the only one who has experienced lost. I lost my father at 14 and it was devastating. I'll never forget that day and it replays in my head vividly down to the color of the leaves falling from the trees. Mentally it was exhausting. How do you adjust to losing a parent? You grieve, then you grow.

Kanye isn't grieving. He is cooning. We've given you your time and allowed you to act out, but we're not going to keep running that excuse into the ground.

This is a stunt to maintain relevancy. His music sucks. He clothing line sucks. His "efforts" to bring the country together suck. We don't need a sambo. We need the old Kanye. The "George Bush hates black people" Kanye. The Kanye that made music you could relate to and spoke to believing in your potential. Whoever this Kanye is you can keep it because he doesn't speak for me.

Stop excusing his antics because they are dangerous. Trump doesn't see him as an equal. In his orange ass mind he is using Kanye as a pawn to get the "black vote." Someone tell Trump Kanye isn't invited to the cook out, so that won't work.

Also, please stop using his mom as an excuse. I'm sure even she isn't here for it.